Criteria for Advancement

Fellows will be advanced to the next PGY level based on clear evidence of progressive academic and professional growth over the range of cardiovascular diseases.

For a first year cardiology fellow to advance to the next level, he/she must be able to:

  1. Obtain an accurate and thorough directed cardiac history and perform a detailed cardiac physical examination.
  2. Synthesize the history, physical exam, laboratory, and diagnostic testing information into an organized and meaningful presentation.
  3. Develop a differential diagnosis based on the available data.
  4. Demonstrate progressive development in the management of common cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Effectively lead a team of internal medicine residents and medical students on the intensive care unit service.
  6. Educate medical students and internal medical residents in the basics of cardiovascular disease.
  7. Discuss indications, contraindications, and possible complications of routine cardiac procedures.
  8. Show progress in the performance of cardiac procedures under the supervision of attending cardiologists.

For a second year cardiology fellow to advance to the next level, he/she must be able to:

  1. Show continued progress in the elements required to advance from first to second year fellow level
  2. Use all history, physical examination, laboratory data, and diagnostic testing results to narrow differential diagnosis to a presumptive diagnosis and initiate therapy.
  3. Approach patient management in an evidence-based manner.
  4. Perform cardiac procedures safely under the supervision of attending cardiologists.

For a third year fellow to successfully graduate from the fellowship training program, he/she must be able to:

  1. Meet all of the above listed criteria for advancement.
  2. Meet the six ACGME core competencies.
  3. Demonstrate competence in all areas of clinical Cardiology.
  4. Be able to function independently as a cardiologist.
  5. Safely perform usual invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures

Written offers of reappointment for the next academic year (starting the following July 1st) will be provided to each fellow in the final quarter of each academic year.

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