Second Look Interview

Why might you think about arranging one?

You did not get to see an aspect of our program that is important to you.

You have additional questions you’d like to ask or observe in person.

You came early in the season and now your memories of the people or facilities are getting fuzzy.

Is one necessary from our program directors’ point of view?
No. Second look interviews are intended to give the applicant more exposure to our residency program to determine if this is the program to best fit their needs.
So how do you arrange one if you’d like to visit again?

Contact Jolynn Hora, our Pediatric Residency Coordinator:

Stead Family Department of Pediatrics – 2015-26 BT
University of Iowa Children’s Hospital
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
319-356-3462 ph
319-356-4855 fax