Research Period at UIHC or VA

Year One

Two months of the first year are not assigned to clinical rotations. Part of this time is vacation. During the remaining time, the fellow is expected to meet with a number of faculty members within or outside the division to be introduced to the faculty member’s research activities and to discuss possible scholarly projects. We hope that by the end of year 1 that a mentor/project has been selected.

Year Two

The second year of fellowship allows for significant time to develop a scholarly/research project. Two or three months of the year is dedicated to clinical work. The mentor will guide the project, and a research committee or co-mentor selected from other faculty members will provide additional guidance as needed. Work will be presented during the ID Research Conference toward the end of year 2.

Year Three

A third year of fellowship may be available for those who plan a career in academics (see Fellowship Tracks). Building on productive scholarly work during Year 2, the majority of Year 3 will be dedicated to research/scholarly work and possible course work.