Opportunities in Research/Scholarly Projects

Several funding opportunities are listed below for trainees who perform a third year of fellowship. There are visa limitations for several of the grants listed below.

  1. Immunology Training Grant
  2. Parasitism Training Grant
  3. VA Quality Scholars Program

The Division of Infectious Diseases offers a broad range of research opportunities, with faculty members conducting research in basic laboratory investigation in immunity, translational research, clinical trials, clinical epidemiology, parasitology and a number of other fields. There are also numerous opportunities for collaborative projects with the Clinical Microbiology laboratory staff or investigators in other departments.

  • Dr. Nauseef is the Director of the Inflammation Program, an interdisciplinary program that includes Drs. Weiss, Allen, Barker, and Sutterwala from the Division of Infectious Diseases. A number of other researchers from other divisions/departments are also members. This group is active in studying various aspects of innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions with specific work related to MRSA, Helicobacter pylori, Francisella tularensis, and other pathogens. They are located on the Oakdale Research Campus. [see the Inflammation Program website]
  • Dr. Stapleton studies the interactions between flaviviruses including hepatitis C virus and GB virus C with HIV. In addition, he and Drs. Meier and Winokur are active in clinical trials of vaccines and antiviral therapies with the opportunity for translational research.
  • Dr. Winokur is active in the area of antimicrobial resistance, especially resistance mechanisms and relationships between animal use of antimicrobials and resistance patterns. In addition, she leads the University of Iowa Vaccine Research and Education Unit, one of eight vaccine centers funded by the NIH studying non-HIV vaccines.
  • Dr. Herwaldt focuses on areas of infection control and molecular epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections, with a particular focus on staphylococcal infections and on implementing national guidelines. She is co-director of the Emergin Infections Network program.
  • Dr. Kirchhoff is active in the area of trypanosomal infections, particularly Chagas disease.
  • Dr. Wilson studies the pathogenesis, biology, immunology and genetics of Leishmania. She has collaborative projects in Brazil with two adjunct Infectious Diseases faculty members (Drs. Jeronimo and Carvalho) and collaborates on research projects in India.
  • Dr. Diekema is the Director of the Infectious Diseases Division, a co-director of the UIHC Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, and focuses on areas of antibacterial and antifungal resistance.
  • Dr. Meier studies basic mechanisms of CMV pathogenesis and latency, and he is active in HIV clinical trials. He oversees the Iowa-Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center.
  • Dr. Miller directs the Solid Organ Transplant ID program, and has ongoing clinical trials examining treatment of influenza and fungal infections in this patient population.
  • Dr. Polgreen is currently the director of the Emerging Infections Network (EIN), an infectious diseases physicians' network sponsored by the CDC and IDSA to detect and gather information on various emerging and re-emerging infections. He is also active in the area of bioinformatics in relation to infectious disease, and is a cofounder of the interdisciplinary Computational Epidemiology Program at the U. of Iowa.
  • Dr. Streit's interests are in general clinical infectious diseases, tropical medicine and Infection Prevention. She is the fellowship Program Director and Director of the Travel Clinic.
  • Dr. Ohl is a member of the VA CADRE group. He studies healthcare quality and delivery. He has developed innovative models to provide HIV care to veterans in rural settings.
  • Dr. Haleem directs the Program of Orthopaedic Infectious Disease.
  • Dr. Ince directs the Program in ID for Hematopoetic Cell Transplant and Hematologic Malignancy patients. She also has a clinical interest in infections in patients with advanced cardiac support devices.
  • Dr. Goto is a member of the Comprehensive Access & Delivery Research & Evaluation Team (CADRE) at the VA and is developing hospital epidemiology policies for the regional VA hospitals.

Clinical Research opportunities are available through the following programs/investigators:

  • Vaccine Research and Education Unit; Directed by Patricia Winokur, MD and codirected by Jack Stapleton, MD
  • AIDS Clinical Trials Units. Directed by Jeffery Meier, MD
  • HIV and Hepatitis C Clinical Research; Directed by Jack Stapleton, MD
  • Computational Epidemiology Program; Directed by Philip Polgreen, MD
  • Parasitology Program: short-term overseas studies are possible with Mary Wilson, MD or Selma Jeronimo, MD, PhD
  • Infection Control Program; directed by Loreen Herwaldt. Research directed toward Infection Prevention and Hospital Epidemiology.

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