Alumni Residents

Graduated Resident Initial Employment
2015 Andrew Hoover, MD Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center, Dept. of Radiation Oncology
2015 Hualei Li, MD, PhD         Staff Radiation Oncologist, Central Ohio Radiation Oncology, Newark Radiation Oncology,
Newark Ohio.
2014 Ann Morris, MD Assistant Professor, West Virginia University, Department of Radiation Oncology
2014 Arshin Sheybani, MD Staff Physician, John Stoddard Cancer Center
2013 Bryan Allen, MD, PhD UIHC, Department of Radiation Oncology, Assistant Professor
2012 Chuck Murphy, MD Mercy Medical Center Sioux City, Radiation Oncologist
2012 Bill Rockey, MD UIHC, Dept of Radiation Oncology, Assistant Professor
2011 Joni Buechler-Price, MD Frontier Cancer Center, Radiation Oncologist
2011 Wenqing Sun, MD UIHC, Dept of Radiation Oncology, Assistant Processor
2010 Samuel Andrews, MD Swedish American Regional Cancer Center Rockford, IL, Radiation Oncologist
2010 Anna Olson, MD University of Wisconsin Cancer Center, Riverview Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director
2009 Casey Duncan, MD Lackland AFB, Radiation Oncologist
2008 David Mattson, MD, PhD Roswell Park Cancer Center Institute, SUNY
Assistant Professor, Dept of Radiation Medicine, Director, Breast Radiation Oncology Program
2007 Joel Simmons, MD Alton Memorial Hospital Cancer Care Center, Medical Director