The residency curriculum includes teaching of basic sciences essential to training in radiation oncology, including radiation biology and Medical Physics. These courses are taught by our own medical physics and Free Radical and Radiation Biology faculty. Residents are relieved of all clinical duties during course meeting times. Courses are required and taken the first two years of residency. PGY4 and PGY5 residents have the option of repeating the courses to further their understanding and learning. Departmental courses offered include:

Course Students Offered
Radiation Oncology Medical
Physics Lecture Series*
RTT students
Rad Onc Residents
Every Spring and Fall
Medical Physics** Rad Onc Residents
FRRB Graduate Students
Dental Residents/Fellows
Spring Semester,
Even Years
Radiotherapy Physics
(Board Preparation)
Rad Onc Residents Spring Semester,
Odd Years
Radiation Biology** Rad Onc Residents
FRRB Graduate Students
Other Graduate Students
Fall Semester,
Even Years
Biostatistics Rad Onc Residents Fall Semester,
Even Years

* Optional course for Radiation Oncology Residents
** Graduate level course