Evaluations are an important part of training that should occur frequently and provide constructive feedback. The purpose of frequent evaluation is to ensure that fellows learn and grow commensurate with their level of cardiology training. In addition, evaluations help identify potential problems early so that issues can be addressed before they become irreparable and adversely affect the fellow’s ability to function as a well-rounded cardiologist. It is extremely important that the supervising staff physicians outline the goals and objectives at the beginning of each rotation and provide fellows with feedback during the mid point of the rotation. Performance evaluation is based on the standard ACGME core competencies and the goals and objections for each rotation set forth by the fellowship curriculum.

  1. At the end of each monthly rotation, the attending physician will provide verbal feedback and a written evaluation. These evaluations will be reviewed with the program director at the biannual evaluation and signed by the fellow. If the fellow disagrees with the evaluation, it can be discussed with the program director. A copy is attached in Appendix III.
  2. Twice a year, the clinic preceptors will provide a written evaluation of each fellow’s clinic progress.
  3. Once a year, fellows will evaluate the fellowship rotations that have been completed. These evaluations will be used to determine if the curriculum goals and objectives are being met as outlined and to solicit suggestions from fellows as to how training can be improved.
  4. Twice a year, the program director will meet with each fellow review the fellow’s overall progress. The fellow’s monthly evaluations, procedure log, conference attendance, and duty hour compliance will be reviewed. In addition, the fellow’s long-range plans will be discussed to ensure that the fellow’s rotation structure will allow the fellow to achieve his/her goals. An attempt will also be made to pair the fellow with an appropriate mentor to help guide the fellow during training. A written summary of the review will be provided by the program director, reviewed and signed by the fellow, and placed in the fellow’s file. If the fellow disagrees with the evaluation, it can be discussed with the fellowship program director or the division director.
  5. 360o evaluations will be performed twice a year. A copy is attached in Appendix IV.
  6. Fellows will complete a confidential evaluation of the supervising staff physician for every rotation. These evaluations are collected and reported to the chairman, department of medicine and the division director and ultimately back to the individual staff physician.
  7. Fellows will complete a confidential evaluation of the fellowship program yearly. A copy is attached in Appendix V.
  8. The program director will write a final evaluation for each graduating fellow. The program director evaluation will confirm the fellow’s ability to function independently as a practicing cardiologist.
  9. Twice a year the fellows complete a confidential Self/Peer assessment. A copy is attached in Appendix VI.