The following several pages will outline the specific curriculum for each rotation of the cardiovascular disease fellowship. For each rotation, the overall purpose, the fellow responsibilities and specific duties, method of supervision, learning objectives, patient characteristics, mix of diseases encountered, types of clinical encounters and procedures performed, teaching methods, evaluation methods, and bibliography will be described.

The various described rotations include:

  1. VA Outpatient Cardiology
  2. VA Inpatient Cardiology
  3. VA Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
  4. UIHC Cardiology Consults
  6. UIHC Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure/Transplant
  7. UIHC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
  8. UIHC Echocardiography Laboratory
  9. UIHC Nuclear Cardiology/Stress Testing
  10. UIHC Electrophysiology
  11. Other Rotations
  12. General Cardiology

At the end of each learning objective, the letters in parentheses indicate which core competencies are addressed by that specific objective. The letter associated with each core competency is as follows:

  1. Patient Care
  2. Medical Knowledge
  3. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  4. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  5. Professionalism
  6. Systems-Based Practice