Supervision and Duty Hours

All fellows in the Division of Allergy-Immunology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics are supervised by faculty. Fellows are assigned to clinics that are staffed by a faculty member dedicated to that clinic. In addition, fellows have their own Continuity of Care (COC) Clinic that is staffed by a faculty member. There are no fellow-directed unsupervised clinics. Fellows are given increasing responsibility for patient care as they progress through the training program. Every patient seen by a fellow is also seen by a faculty physician in the Division. In the Allergy Clinic at the Iowa City VA Health Care System, all patients seen by a first year fellow must also be seen by the faculty member staffing that clinic. Patients seen by an upper level fellow in the VA Clinic are discussed with the faculty member staffing that clinic and in some instances will also be seen by the faculty member depending on the nature of the clinical problem.

All inpatient consultations during regular working hours are first seen by the fellow and then staffed by faculty members. Weekend and on-call consultations are first seen by the fellow and then staffed within 24 hours by the faculty on-call. A faculty member is always available for fellow supervision.

Policy on Duty Hours

The Division of Allergy-Immunology policy regarding fellow work hours follows the guidelines set by UIHC and by ACGME. This policy applies to all Allergy-Immunology fellows. Work hours are not to exceed 80 hours per week, averaged over four weeks. Fellows have at least 10 hours of between all daily duty periods. Fellows have at least 1 full day out of 7 away from program responsibilities, averaged over a month’s time. Fellows do not take in house call. Evening and weekend call responsibilities are rotated among the fellows.

Fellows are actively involved in preparing the on call schedule, which is reviewed by the Program Director. Conflicts with this call schedule are directed to the Program Director for resolution. Note that the on-call fellow covers the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics adult and pediatric areas as well as the Iowa City VA Hospital.

This policy sheet on "Duty Hours" is attached to each fellow’s contract, is explained to the fellows during orientation, and reiterated at the time of each semi-annual review. This information is given to the fellows assigned to planning the call schedule; monitoring compliance is the responsibility of the Program Director. Fellows are required to submit their duty hours on MedHub on a weekly basis, and this is monitored by the Program, the Department, and the GME office.