Overview: Master Clinician Program

While all of us look to develop mastery and competency as physicians, the Master Clinician Program is dedicated to building upon the basics and significantly raising the physician’s performance level regardless of the area of career focus (primary care, hospital medicine, research, subspecialty training). Anyone interested in this program will be required to create a competency-based Individualized Learning Plan specific for Master Clinician Program.

 Program activities would center on gaining proficiency by:

  • Solving complex clinical problems and improving diagnostic/clinical reasoning skills
    (There will a series of regularly scheduled workshops where complex cases will be discussed by the group)
  • Developing and demonstrating excellence in a variety of technical skills, including the physical examination with proficiency in bed side ultrasound as a new tool
  • Becoming more reliant on primary sources of literature to assist with patient care
  • Identifying significant gaps in (medicine – not the individual) knowledge base which require clinical research
  • Identifying clinical questions based on bedside evaluation which would result in partnership with scientists at our institution and improve translational research
  • Refining team work skills

Master Clinician Pathway