Past Residents

2014 Graduates

Adam Asarch, MD Private Practice, Denver, CO
Ashlynne Clark, MD Procedural Dermatology Fellowship, Rhode Island
Ronda Farah, MD Faculty at the University of Minnesota
Kanya Ferguson, MD Procedural Dermatology Fellowship, University of Iowa
John Selby, MD, PhD Faculty, University of Iowa

2013 Graduates

Adam Asarch, MD Tufts University, Procedural Dermatology Fellowship, University of Iowa
Phillip Hochwalt, MD University of Washington, Procedural Dermatology Fellowship, Mayo Clinic
Thomas Pietras, MD University of Iowa, Private Practice Cedar Rapids, IA
Julie Ritchie, MD University of Southern California, Kaiser Permanente San Diego, CA

2012 Graduates

Erik Alexander, MD University of Iowa, private practice Wisconsin
Brock Anderson, MD Drexel University, private practice, Idaho
Kristen Fernandez, MD University of Tennessee, faculty, University of Missouri, Columbia
Allison Legler, MD University of New Mexico, faculty, University of Iowa
Jaime Vanourny, MD University of Iowa, private practice, North Carolina

2011 Graduates

Peter Katz, MD Medical College of Wisconsin, Private Practice, Wisconsin
Jill Lightfoot, MD University of Iowa, Faculty, University of Iowa
Michael Osofsky, MD Georgetown University, Peds Fellowship, UCSD
Betsy Wernli MD University of Oklahoma, Private Practice, Wisconsin

2010 Graduates

Amanda Bishop, MD Southern Illinois University, Private Practice, Chicago
Carrie Cera-Hill, MD University of Colorado, Private Practice, Denver, CO
Emily Fridlington, MD University of Texas, Galveston, Private Practice, San Antonio, TX
Ashley Drake, MD University of Iowa, Private Practice, Omaha, NE
Seema Sahai, MD University of Michigan, Private Practice, Chicago

2009 Graduates

Theo Alkousakis, MD University of Southern California (Keck); Private Practice, Denver, CO
Christian Baum, MD University of Iowa; Faculty, Dermatologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Erica Colleran, MD University of Cincinnati; Private Practice, Iowa City, IA
Ingrid Roseborough, MD University of Chicago; Private Practice, New York, NY
Arun Venkat, MD Duke University; Private Practice, Dermatopathology/Dermatology, Michigan
Joshua Wilson, MD University of Iowa; Private Practice, Dermatologic Surgery, Des Moines, IA

2008 Graduates

Katherine Ayers, MD University of Massachusetts; Private Practice, Scituate, MA
Peggy Chern, MD Washington University; Private Practice, Dermatologic Surgery. Austin, TX
Amanda Friedrichs, MD University of Illinois-Chicago; Private Practice, DeKalb, IL

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