What Is So Good About Iowa?

What's So Good About Iowa?

  • Our faculty are really nice, and exceptionally dedicated teachers too. 
  • We have a diverse faculty with wide-ranging clinical and research interests. 
  • Some of our faculty are internationally known and have been with us for many years. 
  • We also have several bright young faculty who bring new interests and enthusiasm to the practice. 
  • You work with and learn directly from faculty on all rotations. 
  • All the subspecialties are represented in our training program. 
  • Our programs, clinical, research, and teaching are consistently ranked in the top ten nationally. 
  • The clinics, hospital, and inpatient units are located within a single hospital, with 1 rotation per year at the VAMC located just across the street. (No hours of commuting through traffic daily to get to work.) 
  •  The ASC is conveniently located directly above the clinic at both locations. 
  • You have access to a locked resident room with your own desk, file, phone, internet port, and personal space. 
  • A dedicated ophthalmology library located directly below the clinic with a world-class librarian 
  • A state-of-the art EMR system (EPIC), with the ability for both remote and mobile access 
  • Our residents are great people and they make exceptional ophthalmologists. 
  • Iowa City is a highly intellectual community (Iowa City has been named a UNESCO City of Literature) with an abundance of arts and culture events that are accessible to residents both in terms of cost and location. 
  • A competitive stipend and benefits in a region with very low cost of living. 
  • We have an outstanding school system for children in grades K-12. 
  • A great training program and a high quality of life. 
  • We want you to succeed.