Resident Liaison Committee

The Resident Liaison Committee consists of 15-18 residents that have been elected by their peers as representatives. The committee provides a forum for residents to voice concerns, communicate with the program administration, and participate in the ongoing improvement of the residency curriculum. The committee also organizes social events throughout the year.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Provide opportunities for residents to voice concerns
  • Serve as a communication link between residents and the residency program administration
  • Participate in the ongoing review of the residency curriculum
  • Support resident interests by sponsoring social events

Current Members:

Giacomino, Bria 
Bria Giacomino
Zeitler, Will
Will Zeitler
Vice Chair
Gamble, Alex 
Alex Gamble
Cho, Christine 
Christine Cho
Ryan, Andrea 
Andrea Weber
Alqasrawi, Musab 
Musab Alqasrawi
Arakane, Masumi 
Masumi Arakane
Cano, Marlene 
Marlene Cano
Routh, Jared 
Jared Routh
Walia, Sheena
Sheena CarlLee
El Masri, Jad
Jad Al Masri
Grippen, Amanda
Amanda Grippen
Knowles, Olivia 
Olivia Knowles
Sanchez Luna, Sergio 
Sergio Sanchez Luna
Story, Maria 
Maria Story
Vose, Aaron 
Aaron Vose
Zubairu, Josiah 
Josiah Zubairu

Faculty and Support:

Rowat, Jane 
Jane Rowat
Harris, Katie 
Dr. Harris
Martinez, Rubi 
Rubi Martinez