Current Residents

Fifth Year Residents

  • thumbnail portrait of Jennifer Hrabe, MDJennifer Hrabe, MD
    University of Minnesota
  • Grant LeeGrant Lee, MD
    University of California - SF
  • thumbnail portrait of S. Tammy Li MDS. Tammy Li MD, MHA
    Georgetown University
  • thumbnail portrait of David L. Ring MDDavid Ring, MD
    University of South Dakota
  • shanklin picture
    Jennifer Shanklin, MD
    Tufts University
  • wallin picture
    Ulrik Wallin, MD, PhD
    Karolinska Institute

Fourth Year Residents

  • thumbnail portrait of Amir Alhajjat MDAmir Alhajjat, MBBS
    Jordan Univ. of Sci. & Tech.
  • conway picture
    Ryan Conway, MD, MA
    University of Iowa
  • thumbnail portrait of Fadi Dahdaleh MDFadi Dahdaleh, MD
    American University of Beirut
  • thumbnail portrait of Philip M. Spanheimer MDPhilip Spanheimer, MD
    University of Iowa
  • thumbnail portrait of Jessemae L. Welsh MDJessemae Welsh, MD
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • thumbnail portrait of Matthew Wideroff MDMatthew Wideroff, MD
    University of Miami

Third Year Residents

  • garrett picture
    Melissa Garrett, MD
    Texas Tech University
  • thumbnail portrait of Akpene Gbegnon MDAkpene Gbegnon, MD, MS
    University of California - SF
  • Megan Groff, MD
    Megan Groff, MD
    University of Iowa
  • sherman picture
    Scott Sherman, MD
    University of Chicago
  • stork picture
    Angela Stork, MD
    University of Iowa
  • wertzberger picture
    Brittany Wertzberger, MD
    University of Iowa

Second Year Residents

  • Burger portrait
    Sarah Burger, MD
    Medical College of Wisconsin
  • heineman picture
    John Heineman, MD, MPH
    Oregon Health & Science University
  • johnson picture
    Benjamin Johnson, MD
    University of Iowa
  • Kashyap picture
    Abhishek Kashyap, MD
    University of Texas Southwestern
  • Keck picture
    Kendall Keck, MD
    University of Iowa
  • wu picture
    Vincent Wu, MD
    University of Iowa

First Year Residents

  • Matthew Alexander, MDMatthew Alexander, MD, MS
    University of Missouri
  • Daniel Budreau, MDDaniel Budreau, MD, PhD
    University of Chicago
  • Iryna ChesokovaIryna Chesnokova, MD
    University of Iowa
  • Colin Fath, MDColin Fath, MD
    Wayne State University
  • TJ Henry, MDTJ Henry, MD
    Texas Tech University
  • Nathan Jung, MDNathan Jung, MD
    University of Iowa
  • Katie Leick, MDKatie Leick, MD, MS
    University of Iowa
  • Mark Pedersen, MDMark Pedersen, MD, MPH
    University of Iowa

Research Residents

  • John Armstrong, MD
    John Armstrong, MD
    University of Iowa
  • Naina portrait
    Naina Bagrodia, MD
    University of Arizona
  • DeAndrade
    James De Andrade, MD
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Houwen picture
    F. Keith Houwen, MD
    University of Iowa
  • lorenzen picture
    Allison Lorenzen, MD
    University of Iowa
  • Maxwell picture
    Jessica Maxwell, MD, MBA
    University of Iowa
  • Olmsted picture
    Courtney Olmsted, MD
    East Carolina University
  • thumbnail portrait of Raphael Sun, MDRaphael Sun, MD
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • swatek picture
    Anthony Swatek, MD
    University of Kansas

2014 Graduated Residents

  • thumbnail portrait of Anuradha Bhama MDAnuradha Bhama, MD
    Ohio State University
  • Jennifer photo
    Jennifer Carr, MD
    University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • thumbnail portrait of A. Reema Kar MDA. Reema Kar, MD
    Penn State University
  • thumbnail portrait of Farooq Mirza MDFarooq Mirza, MD, MS
    Rosalind Franklin University
  • Christine WallerChristine Waller, MD
    Southern Illinois University

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