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Residents in the University of Iowa Department of Surgery have a variety of opportunities to develop their basic science and/or clinical research skills. These opportunities can be tailored to the career goals of the resident, in consultation with the Surgery Department Head and Residency Program Director. One such opportunity is the University of Iowa Surgical Oncology Research Training Program. This program is directed by Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD, EA Crowell Jr. Professor and Head of Surgery. The training program is funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32 training grant.

The training program is designed to prepare surgical residents for careers in Surgical Oncology as surgeon-scientists in academia, government, or industry. There are two tracks available for Trainees interested in a career in Surgical Oncology—a Basic Science Research Track and a Clinical Research Track.

Trainees must have completed at least their second year of surgical residency training (PGY2) to be eligible for the training program. A maximum of three Trainees can be appointed to begin the training program each year.

Each Trainee will have a primary research Preceptor, and work with a three- to four-member Trainee Advisory Committee to develop an individualized course of study, subject to the approval of the T32 Executive Committee.

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Participation in a substantial, two-year research project under the supervision of an experienced, independently-funded Preceptor is the core of the training program experience. Preceptors are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and will be matched with the Trainee based upon common research interest. Trainees will spend 100 percent of their effort on research and related coursework for the years funded on the T32 training grant. Trainees will not have clinical responsibilities during the research years.

The program provides training in the skills necessary to apply for subsequent support through individual fellowship, mentored career development award ("K") programs, or independent research project grants.

Applicants to the University of Iowa’s categorical general surgery residency program will be considered for the University of Iowa Surgical Oncology Research Training Program. T32 Director Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD, will discuss and explain the opportunities that this research training program presents to interested applicants.

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