The PGY-2 and PGY-3 Years

The PGY-2 (CA-1) year includes blocks (4 weeks=1 block) of basic anesthesia (approximately 8-10 blocks). Later in the CA1 year, residents begin subspecialty training. By the end of the CA2 year, residents have generally completed all the subspecialty rotations and met all the minimum case requirements identified by the ACGME and the ABA.

What's involved with each of these rotations is described by clicking the links below.

Basic Anesthesia Training: 2 blocks Neurosurgical Anesthesia: 2 blocks
Pediatric Anesthesia: 2 blocks Thoracic and Cardiovascular Anesthesia: 2 blocks
Obstetrical Anesthesia: 2 blocks Regional Anesthesia/Orthopedics: 1 block
Surgical Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit: 2 blocks PACU: 1/2-1 block
Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, and Oral Surgery: 3-4 blocks General Surgery, Urology, and Gynecology: 3-4 blocks
Pain Medicine: 1 block 3911/Nights (Trauma): 4 x 1/2 blocks
Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation Clinic: 1 block Ambulatory Surgery Center: 1 block
Echocardiography: 1/2 block  

Total = approximately 24 months; however, these numbers will vary a small amount between individual residents.

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