Leisure Activities

Resident Graduation

In late-June we bid farewell to our graduating CA3s. This event includes a luncheon at a local venue.

New Resident Welcome Party

Shortly after graduation we welcome our newest resident members. Last year the party was held at Celebration Farms, a beautiful venue outside Iowa City with plenty of room to mingle. Again, lots of great food and drink and a chance to meet your new colleagues.

Anesthesia Night at Baseball Game

A tradition has developed in our department to arrange an evening of family fun at a Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball game. A section of the ballpark is reserved for those who want to attend. Ample amounts of hot dogs and other baseball treats are available.

University of Iowa Hawkeye Athletics

UI Hospitals and Clinics is located just across the street from Kinnick Stadium and is right down the road from Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Kinnick Stadium is the home of the Hawkeye football team, and Carver-Hawkeye Arena houses the basketball teams (men and women), wrestling team, and volleyball team. If you like Big-10 level athletics, here it is.

A Message from the Xenon Society...

Most anesthetics live a pretty cushy existence, inside fancy bottles, some with fancy brand names, shielded from damaging light, and stored in a cool place. But that isn't the case for all anesthetic gases. One of them has to live in the unpredictable, uncontrolled, unbearable hell we call the atmosphere. That's right, I'm talking about Xenon. Just because you have a place on the periodic table doesn't mean you have a place at the dinner table of anesthesia. Until now, fractional distillation of Xenon has been prohibitively expensive. And fractional distillation is how we refine crude oil to produce gasoline, butane, and petroleum jelly. Think about it people! We can't sit by as Xenon is continually treated like crude oil.

So what are we going to do about it? Through some back channel sources I have heard that there are trace amounts of Xenon in the bubbles of carbonated beverages such as soda, sparkling water, and even fine malted beverages such as Olde English. You can't think about such vital topics on an empty stomach either.

We cannot rest until there is a Xenon cassette for the Datex-Ohmeda. We can't wait four more years. Xenon has been taking it one day at a time and trying to be a team player. Until there is a place for Xenon, there will be no justice. No justice, no peace. Join the revolution.

To contemplate these issues, continue the debate, and to conduct research, residents meet on a monthly (or more) basis at a local xenon-distribution facility (most commonly known as The Vine).