Scholarly Activities

All residents complete a quality improvement project during their residency training. Residents are given time spread over 18 months during their PGY1 and PGY2 years to complete this project. We encourage residents to use the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle as they systematically review care delivery systems and outcomes. PGY2 residents present their projects at our Annual Clinical Scholars Day each spring. Please visit the Department of Family Medicine’s research webpage for more information on departmental research projects and grants.

Recent Scholarly Projects

  • Adams, Denise & Buchkina, Julia. The Effect of Resident-Led Group Visits on Patient Self-Management of Hypertension, 2011.
  • Abu Ata, Nesrin. Antipsychotics: When Was the Last Time You Talked to Your Family Doctor or Psychiatrists About them? 2012
  • Connett, Meghan, Schuster, Christopher, Capizzano, Nicoll. HIV Testing in the Family Medicine Clinic, 2012.
  • Farrell, Angela & Lamps Jennifer. HPV Vaccination Rates in the Family medicine Clinic, 2012. This project was recipient of 2012 Iowa Family Medicine Residency Network Award.

Current Scholarly Projects

  • Bolin, Matt; Schmidt, Erin; Ray, Brigit. Childhood Vaccines
  • Eken, Josh. Screening for AAA in the Family Medicine Clinic
  • Jalilian, Amir; Perry, Ben. Improvement in Management of Diabetes in the Family Medicine Clinic.
  • Jinda, Monika; Little-Cooper, Darbie. Depression Screening in Pediatric Patients.

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