The clinical base year in anesthesia at the University of Iowa is structured to prepare you for clinical training in Anesthesiology and Peri-operative Medicine. The goal is to give you a wide exposure to the clinical specialties that will help you take care of your patients in the operating room while you learn the system at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. In addition, you will work closely with teams that you will interact with later as an anesthesia resident. This will help you develop collegial relationships with specialty attending faculty and house staff members.

During this year you rotate through: Surgical Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (SNICU), PICU/NICU, Emergency Medicine, Surgery (Trauma Surgery and Pediatric Surgery), Internal Medicine (Renal consults, Cardiology and General Medicine), Palliative Care Medicine, Radiology, Pre-anesthesia Evaluation Clinic, Pain Medicine, and Anesthesia. All our interns do the block of anesthesia in June so that the transition to the anesthesia residency is smoother. During June, you will have an orientation to the department, workshops, simulations, and basic anesthesia lectures. These educational activities are generally scheduled on Mondays (every Monday in June is a non-clinical/education day). Tuesday-Friday (in June) you are scheduled in the OR with more senior residents and faculty dedicated to orienting new trainees.

Our Interns also participate in the R1 Reading Program. You will receive a series of readings and associated open-book quizzes on topics including anatomy, diseases, patient management, physiology and pharmacology. This exposure will help you develop the foundation of knowledge essential to learning anesthesia.

PGY-1 Rotations include (block = 4 weeks):

Surgical Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit 2 Blocks
General Medicine 1 Block
Trauma Surgery 1 Block
Cardiology/Radiology 1 Block
Pediatric Surgery 1 Block
Renal Consult Service 1 Block
Emergency Medicine 1 Block
Palliative Care Medicine 1 Block
Pre-anesthesia Evaluation/EKG 1 Block
Pain Medicine 1 Block
Anesthesia 1 Block