About the Program

We are very proud of our residency program, our department, our university, and our community. We believe that we have found a hidden gem in Iowa City, where unsurpassed clinical training is offered in an ideal setting surrounded by warm and friendly people. We are extremely grateful to work and train others in such an environment.

We invite you to consider the advantages of a program that allows you to:

  • Take advantage of a renowned faculty who inspire an intellectually stimulating environment and help open doors to the most competitive fellowships through their connections.
  • Be a part of a supportive and responsive learning atmosphere that promotes the development of exceptional clinical skills and judgment in the anesthesia specialty.

176 individuals graduated from our program between 1996 and 2010 (and have had time to take both written and oral exams). Our ABA certification rate is greater than 98 percent! Compare this to the national average of only 81 percent.

In the last 10 years no resident has had any notable difficulty finding an excellent position.

Residents completing their training in the last five years practice in 22 different states, with about 60 percent in the Midwest. About 5 percent entered academic jobs and 45 percent entered fellowships. The rest are in private practice or military service.