The Reproductive Endocrinology Unit and Labs

The Reproductive Endocrinology Unit is housed on the third floor of Pomerantz Family Pavilion in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Clinical laboratories available within the hospital include a fully accredited CAP Certified laboratory which evaluates all commonly requested hormone assays, a fully accredited Genetics Laboratory for karyotypic analysis and a Surgical Pathology Laboratory. We have an Andrology Laboratory which is under the direction of Amy Sparks, PhD. This laboratory is capable of seminal fluid analysis, strict morphology assessment, as well as sperm antibody assays as needed.

Our In vitro Fertilization Laboratories include laboratories for quality control, media preparation, cryopreservation and embryo culture. This space also has sperm collection rooms as well as andrology and sperm preparation areas.

The In vitro Fertilization laboratory under the direction of Amy Sparks, PhD is devoted not only to clinical care but also to research. This laboratory is fully equipped for cell culturing and for media preparation.