Gynecologic Ultrasonography

Within our division, we have a fully accredited ultrasound unit which performs all of the gynecologic ultrasonography for our department and hospital. Last year, our unit performed nearly 4,000 ultrasounds. We have 2 full-time sonographers at this time. Our sonographers are involved in teaching ultrasound skills to residents. They would also instruct fellows in the art. Thus, fellows would not be responsible for doing all of these scans themselves but rather would learn from a moderate number of ultrasound exams. We feel that experience in ultrasonography is essential in evaluating reproductive tract abnormalities in REI conditions and in the performance of high quality IVF.

Not only do we provide top quality gynecologic ultrasonography, but we have used this experience to perform clinical investigation. We have performed and published some of the initial observations regarding gynecological ultrasonography and its use in detecting abnormalities of the reproductive tract. In particular, we published the first series of saline infusion sonography (SIS) in the United States and also published the initial observations on ovarian volume and its use in predicting ovarian stimulation and pregnancy following IVF. We published the first observation that color Doppler studies can be used to aid in the diagnosis ovarian torsion following ovarian hyperstimulation and that uterine diverticula observed after caesarian sections could be a source of abnormal uterine bleeding. Finally, we are prospectively following women over time to better understand the natural history of benign uterine conditions including fibroids and polyps. This experience has also been recently published and is ongoing as an area of active clinical investigation.