Key Faculty and Staff

Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Bossler, Aaron, MD, PhD
Program Director, Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program and Director, Molecular Pathology Laboratories

Ma, Deqin, MD, PhD
Molecular Genetic Pathology

Moore, Steven, MD, PhD
Neuromuscular Disease

Snow, Anthony, MD
Molecular Genetic Pathology

Division of Genetics

Berberich, Stan, PhD
Newborn Screening

Darbro, Benjamin, MD, PhD

Mathews, Katherine, MD
Neuromuscular Clinic/Director

Murray, Jeffrey, MD
Craniofacial Clinic/Director

Shchelochkov, Oleg, MD
Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Genomic Disorders

Sheffield, Val, MD, PhD
Molecular Genetics/Director

Smith, Richard, MD
Hearing Loss Clinic/Director

Stone, Edwin, MD, PhD
Eye Disease Clinic/Director

Trapane, Pamela, MD
Connective Tissue and Neurodevelopment Problems and Birth Defects

Associated Research Laboratories

Campbell, Kevin, PhD
Neuromuscular Disorders

Henry, Michael, PhD
Biology of Metastasis

Howe, James, MD
Pathogenesis of Colon Cancer Syndromes

Janz, Siegfried, MD
Pathogenesis of B Cell Malignancies

Lentz, Steve, MD, PhD
Molecular Determinants of Blood Clotting

Mathews, Katherine, MD
Genetics of Neuromuscular Disorders

Moore, Steven, MD, PhD
Neuromuscular Disease

Murray, Jeffrey, MD
Genetics of Craniofacial Development

O’Dorisio, Sue, MD, PhD
Biology of Neuroblastomas

Paulson, Henry, MD, PhD
Inherited Neurodegenerative Disorders

Sheffield, Val, MD, PhD
Genetics of Obesity

Smith, Richard, MD
Genetics of Hearing Defects

Stone, Edwin, MD, PhD
Genetics of Eye Disease

Turek, Lubomir, MD
Pathogenesis of Cervical Carcinoma

Waldschmidt, Thomas, PhD

Welsh, Michael, MD
Cystic Fibrosis Pathogenesis

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