Current Fellows

Jason L. Picconi, MD, PhD

This is a picture of Jason Picconi.

Medical School

Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska 1998-2006

Graduate School

Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska 1998-2006


Obstetrics and Gynecology - Wayne State University / Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan 2006-2010


Maternal-Fetal Medicine / Medical Genetics – University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa 2010-2014

Research Interests

  • The use of Doppler sonography in the evaluation of the fetal ductus venosus in severely premature growth-restricted fetuses
  • In-utero genetic therapies
  • Trisomy X

Recent Publications

  1. Kaur S, Picconi JL, Chadha R, Kruger M, Mari G. Biophysical Profile in the Treatment of Intrauterine Growth-Restricted Fetuses who Weigh <1000 g. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2008; 199 (3): 264-265.
  2. Picconi JL, Kruger M, Mari G. Ductus Venosus S-Wave / Isovolumetric A-Wave (SIA) Index and A-Wave Reversed Flow in Severely Premature Growth-Restricted Fetuses. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2008; 27 (9): 1283-1289.
  3. Picconi JL and Mari G. Classification and Management of IUGR Fetuses. Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review. 2008; 19 (3): 1-17.
  4. Picconi JL, Hanif F, Drennan K, and Mari G. The Transitional Phase of Ductus Venosus Reversed Flow in Severely Premature IUGR Fetuses. American Journal of Perinatology. 2008; 25 (4): 199-204.
  5. Mari G and Picconi JL. Doppler Vascular Changes in Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Seminars in Perinatology 2008; 32 (3): 182-189.
  6. Johnson ML, Picconi JL, Recker RR. The Gene for High Bone Mass. Endocrinologist. 2002; 12 (5): 445-453.
  7. Kamel MA, Picconi JL, Lara-Castillo N, Johnson JL. Activation of beta-catenin signaling in MLO-Y4 osteocytic cells versus 2T3 osteoblastic cells by fluid flow shear stress and PGE2: Implications for the study of mechanosensation in bone. Bone. 2010; 47(5): 872-881. PMID 20713195.
  8. Picconi JL, Muff-Luett MA, Wu D, Bunchman E, Chen YH, McCray PB, Davidson BL, Brophy PD. rAAV9-Mediated Expression in Fetal Kidneys following in-Utero Maternal Systemic Administration. Molecular Therapeutics. In Preparation.

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