This 2-year Medical Genetics Residency program will be comprised of 18 months of broad-based general clinical genetics training and 6 months of clinical or laboratory-based research activity, as mandated by the Residency Review Committee for Medical Genetics (RRC). The residents will also attend a continuity genetics clinic once per week during the 6 months of research.

The clinical genetics component of the program will consist of rotations in a variety of general and subspecialty genetics outpatient clinics on the inpatient consultation service, and in each of the appropriate genetic testing laboratories. While the program will include enough flexibility to accommodate individual interests, a typical residency will be weighted toward general clinical genetics and research. All residents must keep a detailed patient log that includes all the information required by the ABMG in their application for certification in Clinical Genetics. This logbook will be reviewed with the Program Director at regular intervals to ensure that the resident gains depth and breadth of experience in all areas of clinical genetics, including adult and cancer genetics. Based upon review of the primary diagnoses seen in prior years in our program the resident will be able to meet and exceed the ABMG required number of cases for the primary genetic competencies. There will be an option for a 3rd year that can be spent primarily in clinical or laboratory-based research activity. The third year can be taken to become board eligible in medical biochemical genetics.

Year 1
6 months Clinical Genetics (general genetics, prenatal genetics, metabolic genetics, neuromuscular/neurometabolic, Connective Tissue Disorder – CTD, inpatient consultations)
1 month Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory
1 month Clinical Molecular Genetics Laboratory
1 month Clinical Biochemical Laboratory/Newborn Screening Laboratory
3 months Research Experience or Clinical Electives
Year 2
6 months Clinical Genetics
3 months Clinical Electives
3 months Research Experience
Year 3 (Optional)
Clinical or Laboratory-Based Research Activity
There is an option to apply for a year-long Clinical Biochemical training with competitive funding from the Genzyme/ACMG Foundation.