About the Program

The flagship Vitreoretinal Service of the Department of Ophthalmology presently offers two surgical fellowship positions per year. These begin in July of each year and run for 24 months. One medical retina fellowship position and combined two-year medical retina/research fellowships are also available—for inquiries please contact Dr. H. Culver Boldt. The description below describes the vitreoretinal fellowship.

During the first year the fellows spend a majority of their time in the Retina Clinic. The fellows evaluate and treat a number of medical retinal diseases, performing most of the laser photocoagulation, intravitreal injections, and cryopexy treatments. The first year retina fellows do not take call for the first six months of fellowship. The last six months of the 1st year, the fellows occasionally operate (typically for scleral buckle, vitrectomy, and plaque procedures) and take retina call every other week. Any available remaining time is devoted to clinical or laboratory research, and conference preparation and teaching.

The second year has a surgical emphasis. As a major tertiary referral institution for Iowa and the surrounding 7 states, the fellow acquires extensive diagnostic and surgical experience in the management of simple and complex vitreoretinal disorders. Vitreoretinal surgery is performed in both the main OR and ASC of the University of Iowa Hospital.

AUPO FCC ApprovedOur Vitreoretinal Fellowship is AUPO FCC approved.