Medical/Family/Educational Leave

Parental Leave: The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the Graduate Medical Education Office recognize the importance of the early development of a relationship between parent and child. Non-birth parent house staff members, including domestic partners as defined by UI policy, who are enrolled (with a signed and current contract) in Graduate Medical Education residency or fellowship programs at UIHC, have available five working days, per event, of paid time off for parental leave related to each recent birth or adoption of their child. A qualified event for use of this leave is defined as a birth or adoption occurring at a specific time and is not defined by the number of children involved in the birth or adoption event (e.g., the birth or adoption of two children at the same time means the parent has available five working days of parental leave, not 10 working days). Foster care and guardianship are excluded from this policy.

This parental leave is exclusive of any allotted vacation leave. However, during a parental leave, a house staff member is not required to use parental leave and may use vacation leave in lieu of parental leave in order to ensure timely completion of board eligibility requirements. Parental leave must be used within the first three months of the birth or adoption, but may not be used during the last two weeks of training, unless the child is born or adopted in the 4 weeks prior to the end of training.

Any request for parental leave shall be made in writing and reviewed and approved by the Program Director to ensure timely completion of board requirements. A copy of the approved request shall be filed in the trainee’s file in the Graduate Medical Education Office.