About the Program

The University of Iowa's Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences has a tradition of excellence that has earned praise for outstanding teaching, research and patient care. Our Department is consistently rated among the top in the nations by U.S. News and by Ophthamology Times.

As an academic medical center we have a three-point mission of education, research and patient care. The “academic difference” at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics begins with a belief that the very best health care as well as the very best medical training is delivered in a multi-faceted environment of care and compassion, of learning and discovery, of development and refinement.

Ophthalmology Fellowships at the University of Iowa provide extensive clinical and research experience. We graduate highly qualified & well-rounded clinicians, researchers and educators.

Patient Care

Our fellowship training combines outpatient, inpatient and surgical experience. As the largest tertiary care center in Iowa, we receive a large proportion of referrals from Iowa and surrounding states. Our trainees experience a wide spectrum of cases, from the very simple to the most complex.

Fellows study directly with leading experts. Our faculty provide guidance, mentorship and research assistance, however, there is a balance of supervision and autonomy. Faculty members are always available to help and to teach, but fellows are also afforded opportunities to work independently when appropriate.


Our fellows become very involved in the training of our residents both on a one-to-one basis in the clinic as well as in morning rounds, held on a daily basis and in subspecialty rounds. Our program is one of the few training programs in the nation that offers grand rounds 4 days a week. Residents, fellows, and faculty congregate in the Alson E. Braley Auditorium for an informal, friendly, and often lively exchange of interesting patient cases. 


Fellows are encouraged to publish and present their research at regional and national meetings. Faculty members are available to assist and offer guidance whenever needed.

Collegiality and Friendly Working / Living Environment

Of the many strengths that contribute to our program’s strong reputation, one of the greatest is its long history of collegiality and its friendly working and living environment. For many years the Department has enjoyed the reputation of being a pleasant and congenial place to work. We value this reputation because we believe that the best atmosphere for learning ophthalmology is one that is friendly and supportive. Faculty are committed to teaching, enjoy working with the residents and fellows in the clinic and operating room, and welcome their questions and ideas. In general, faculty are encouraged to be mentors and to meet with residents and fellows on a one-to-one basis. Group meetings with residents and fellows occur throughout the year. “Town Meetings” with all employees of the department are scheduled quarterly. We believe this approach to resident and fellowship training keeps The University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology at the forefront of postgraduate education.