Why Iowa?

A Tradition of Mastery, A Vision for Life-Long Learning

For over a century members of the Department of Internal Medicine faculty have been a thriving force for change in medical education, research and patient care not just at Iowa but nationally and around the world. Exceptional teachers, master clinicians and leading scientists in each of nine subspecialty divisions all contribute to the common goal of preparing residents for careers as independent and successful clinicians, researchers and educators.

At the core of who we are, who we want to be, and what we offer you is a set of values that begins with a sincere commitment to be a part of a dynamic and supportive team. Excellence is an expectation.

  • Our team approach to clinical practice rests on a firm commitment to treat our patients as if they were family members.
  • We understand the critical importance of taking care of ourselves and we help and mentor our colleagues as if they were our best friends.
  • We take responsibility for our own education and take advantage of every opportunity to learn and to share our knowledge with others.

In an engaged, friendly and supportive environment we focus on individual career goals, drawing on a wealth of faculty talent and experience to help guide each resident. At the end of training, our residents have acquired the essential skills and experience they need to continue their careers with confidence and integrity.

We Are a First-Rate Hospital

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is a state-of-the-art facility, consistently designated one of "America's Best Hospitals" by U.S.News & World Report. UIHC boasts nine nationally ranked specialties, including Oncology, Nephrology and Pulmonology.

We Serve a Large Midwest Region

UIHC is the designated hospital for Iowa Care, the state funded health insurance plan that provides coverage to those with limited financial resources. We also care for the state’s inmates when they require hospitalization. The wide range of characteristics of our patient population assures that during your residency you will care for a broad mix of patients and conditions.

We Offer Training at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center, a 5 minute walk from UIHC, adds an important dimension to the training of our internal medicine residents and sub-specialty fellows.

We Tailor our Program to Your Interests

Throughout residency, you'll have the opportunity to build in career specific rotations that prepare you for the kind of medicine you wish to pursue following your residency.

We Match our Residents into Competitive Fellowships

From 2007-2012, 60 percent of our graduates pursued fellowship training, obtaining subspecialty fellowship positions in many of the finest programs nationwide. Seventy-one percent of these graduates chose to stay at University of Iowa for their fellowship training, attesting to resident satisfaction with the educational environment, hospital system, and collegiality.

We Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits

Our first-year residents earn an annual salary above the 50th percentile nationally. Couple that fact with the relatively modest cost of living in the Iowa City area, and UI Hospitals and Clinics compares very well to programs in large urban settings.

Couples Match

The Department of Internal Medicine encourages couples match applications. We will work in conjunction with the corresponding department to attempt to streamline interview dates and times for both applicants. More information on couples matching can be found on the NRMP website.

Support Is Always Available

Each resident develops a relationship with an Associate Program Director who meets with the resident at minimum twice a year to review progress, identify interests and career goals and suggest opportunities to help the resident meet those goals.

Life is Good: Iowa City

Iowa City and surrounding communities get consistently high ratings from national indexes of great places to live. Affordable housing, outstanding schools, moderate cost of living, superb shopping and entertainment, excellent transportation, and a mix of diverse cultures all make it a great choice, especially when you consider that much of it is available within easy walking or biking distance from our world-class hospital. Being located on a Big Ten University campus creates a big plus for our residents. The University is a lively place for cultural and recreational activities. It is a hub for high-level sports and offers the excellent libraries, museums, and cultural centers you'd expect from a Big Ten school.