Basic Facts

Night view of the hospital

On any given day at UI Hospitals and Clinics more than 9,000 employees, students, and volunteers collaborate to provide safe, quality health care to our patients while also exceeding their expectations with excellent service.

We are a 730-bed hospital that annually admits more than 32,000 patients for in-patient hospital care, In addition, in fiscal year 2014, we accommodated more than 56,000 emergency department visits. We also represent more than 200 outpatient clinics and care areas receiving just over 914,300 clinic visits at our main campus and community and outreach clinics.

Also in fiscal year 2014, we employed 1,617 physicians, residents, and fellows, and 6,730 non-physician employees, including 1,904 professional nurses. We're assisted each year by a dedicated corps of more than 1,300 volunteers.

In addition to providing first-rate primary care, we offer the services of board-certified physicians in more than 200 specialties. We take seriously our role as a full-service health care center, receiving referrals for specialty care from physicians around the country.

Our inpatient services are located in our main complex of buildings on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City. Many of our outpatient services are also located at our campus location. In addition, we offer a variety of health care services in centers throughout eastern Iowa.

Our physician staff members also serve as teachers and researchers in the University of Iowa's Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. Their academic work complements their work as caregivers, giving them the advantage of using the latest technology and research understanding in your care.

Here's a brief sample of the numbers of procedures we typically perform each year:

  • We are a major transplant center, in fiscal year of 2013 performing 551 organ and tissue transplants.
  • Our AirCare helicopter and partner air services brought 1,134 patients to us last year. Another 279 were brought by ground ambulances.
  • Last year we performed more than 317,000 radiographic examinations--procedures like x-rays, PET scans, CT scans, and MRIs.

For more information, view a snapshot of our service record figures.