Special Support and Social Opportunities

Intern Picnic  

  1. Bi-weekly residents’ lunch meeting with Program Director, Associate Program Directors, Program Coordinator and Chief Residents.
  2. Bi-weekly WIMP lunch, a private lunch meeting of residents by year in program, funded by program.
  3. Annual retreat for PGY1’s focusing on team building, stress management, and end-of-life issues.
  4. Annual retreat for PGY2’s focusing on teaching and supervisory skills.
  5. Annual retreat for PGY3’s focusing on life after residency.
  6. Annual Career Day for PGY2’s discussing careers in general private/academic pediatrics and fellowship training. This is a joint event with the PGY2’s for Blank Children’s Hospital.
  7. Faculty mentor system, meeting at least twice per year with a faculty mentor.
  8. Social activities include an all resident’s family picnic and various spontaneous events throughout the year such as baseball games, bowling tournaments, happy hours, and movie nights.