Resident Evaluation, Promotion, and Termination

This policy and procedure delineates the Department of Neurosurgery’s guidelines for the evaluation, promotion, and termination of neurosurgical residents.

Each resident is evaluated by the teaching faculty during each rotation. This will provide at minimum, a semi-annual evaluation of each resident. Residents are evaluated with respect to the six ACGME core competencies: Patient care (clinical and technical skills, as well as judgment), medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and systems-based practice. A standardized evaluation form is utilized and maintained in the resident’s file.

All residents (R1-R6) are reviewed semi-annually at a meeting of the teaching faculty. During these review sessions, each resident’s development and performance for their categorical level of training is discussed in depth. Resulting evaluation at these meetings determines whether the resident is advanced to the next PGY level. Summaries of evaluations are compiled and kept in the resident’s file.

The Program Director meets with each resident twice a year, and discusses their evaluation. Performance is reviewed with, and the evaluation form is signed by the neurosurgical resident. All residents are expected to meet administrative obligations without delay. These include: prompt completion of medical record documentation, timely recording of duty hours in E-Value, attendance and participation in weekly conferences, and successful passing of part 3 of USMLE prior to the completion of the PGY-1 year.

Residents are required to take the ABNS written examination for primary certification annually, for self-assessment purposes. Prior to becoming Chief Resident, each individual must pass the ABNS written examination for credit.

Based upon the above evaluations, residents may be promoted to the next PGY level, requested to repeat a portion of or an entire PGY year; placed on academic probation, provided with counseling or dismissed. Residents are not dismissed without due process, per their resident GME contract.

Chief Residents will give one Grand Rounds at the end of their 6th year. All Categorical Residents will be required to submit and have accepted two manuscripts prior to the completion of the residency program. Faculty and secretarial support will be provided. The Chairman will not sign off on successful completion of the neurosurgical residency program without fulfillment of this requirement.

A final written evaluation for each resident who completes the program is performed. This evaluation will include a review of the resident’s performance during the final period of training. It verifies that the resident has demonstrated sufficient professional ability to practice competently and independently. This evaluation is signed by the Program Director, once the resident has completed their residency training, and becomes a permanent part of his/her record.