Mentoring Program

One of our many strengths as a residency program is that we care about each other as people. We respect and value the effort it takes all of us to succeed every day. Excellence in medicine, like anything worth striving for, isn't achieved without effort and hard work. We can, and do, promise to honor your sincerity and commitment, and we'll support you when the going gets tough.

All incoming residents are assigned a faculty mentor to meet with at least quarterly to assess how our residents are balancing the demands of their job and education with a variety of life stressors, including making a career choice and meeting the needs of family and friends. Mentors also review evaluations and help residents set educational and life goals.

The mentor and resident should meet at least four times a year. These meetings will be assigned and occur during the months of February, May, August, and November.

2014-2015 Mentors