Couples Match

The Department of Emergency Medicine encourages couples match applications. We will work in conjunction with the corresponding department to attempt to streamline interview dates and times for both applicants. More information on couples matching can be found on the NRMP website.

"Paul and I couldn't be more satisfied with our match at Iowa. Our stress over matching to two relatively competitive specialties was heightened by the fact that we had to get two different programs to like us both equally. No one wants to end up apart, or worse yet, to not match at all. From our experience, on the interview trail and with the match, it seems that we were better received when we interviewed at programs that were both part of the same institution. When ranking applicants there is definitely communication between different programs at the same institution on where applicants fall on their respective lists. Applying at places that will consider you as an individual applicant as well as discuss your value as a couple should only increase your chance at a successful Couples Match. The University of Iowa is one of those places. It's nice to be at a place where medical couples and families are valued. Good luck!!" ~ Paul, EM '14 and Amanda Tschetter, Derm '15

"Couples matching through NRMP is a stressful and confusing process layered on an already anxiety provoking period in your training. This is even more true for couples hoping to match into competitive specialties. We were impressed with the open and direct communication at Iowa through this process. It was clear there was discussion between the programs about our application and this was one of the few programs that openly encouraged couples matching. We have been thrilled with the friendly, family-oriented, atmosphere set in a fun college town and would encourage you to apply if you're interested in training at a great hospital set in a wonderful community." ~ Emilie, EM '15 and Jonathan Fowlkes, OTO '17