Research and Quality Improvement

Internal Medicine residents interested in research have many opportunities with 154 faculty investigators that span all internal medicine divisions.

Here’s what our residents have to say about their experiences:

Cherfane, Cynthia"During residency, I had the opportunity to work on two research projects. My first project was about inflammatory bowel disease and more specifically on the role of leucocyte subtypes and ratios biomarkers in ulcerative colitis. The abstract of the study was accepted for poster presentation at the 2013 American College of Gastroenterology meeting. In my second project, I worked on hereditary hemochromatosis where we identified several pitfalls in the diagnosis and management of this disease. The manuscript was accepted for publication in the American Journal of Medicine. The Internal Medicine Residency played an important role in achieving my research work. They helped me meet with faculty in my specialty of interest and discuss with them potential research projects. They ensured I had dedicated time for research, which was crucial to start and finish all the projects during residency. Research was one of the most rewarding experiences during my residency; it was also an opportunity to establish contact with the GI faculty and prepare my fellowship application." – Cynthia Cherfane, MD

Steyers, Curtis"My interest is in cardiology and I have found UIHC to be fertile ground for productive scientific investigation in this field. I have been involved in both clinical and translational research as a resident. My first project was an outcomes-based analysis of the use of cardiac CT in the emergency department. Another project attempts to interrogate the signaling pathways responsible for vascular dysfunction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In both cases I have not struggled to find an abundance of approachable faculty who have been enthusiastic to engage residents in manageable and substantive research. I have presented posters at national and international meetings and will have at least one manuscript in review for publication in a peer-reviewed journal." – Curtis Steyers, MD

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