Third Year: PGY-3

Residents spend the third year in research to develop an understanding and appreciation of research methodology and the scientific approach (Medical Knowledge, Systems Based Practice, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement). To understand the limitations and difficulties in performing original research. To become familiar with the language and terminology of scientific research and publications. To learn to develop, organize and bring to fruition an independent project. To learn the importance of developing contacts and assistance in the scientific community to best coordinate resource utilization.

The PGY-3 urology research rotation is a 12 month-long dedicated research year. This time is adequate for conducting basic science studies with research faculty members from Urology or other departments. Residents are also encouraged to pursue clinical research studies in an area of their choice, mentored by a clinical faculty member with interest in that area. Additionally, residents have the option to spend the year obtaining a Master’s degree (e.g. MBA, MPH) while performing a lesser degree of research. Several University of Iowa residents have successfully completed both Master’s programs and select research projects. Faculty supervision, clerical support, and computer/library facilities are available to residents. Research nurses and coordinators are available to assist with Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications and oversight of the patient consent process. Many faculty members have existing databases of patient information that can be analyzed by residents either by expanding on the suggestions of the faculty member or by developing their own hypothesis for study once approved by the supervising faculty member and IRB.