Second Year: PGY-2

The goal in this year is to develop medical knowledge and patient care competence in areas that are peripheral but important to Urologic education, such as Urologic Pathology, Urodynamics, Uroradiology, Intensive Care patient management, Anesthesia Care and Renal Medicine.  The PGY-2 resident also serves as the urology consultant for the other specialties in the institution, including the Level 1 Trauma Center.  Four months are spent between these services and the other eight months are on the Urology service. The resident’s primary experience is in the outpatient clinic where data gathering skills, clinical judgment, treatment plan development and professionalism are developed. Technical skills are developed in minor surgical procedures. As part of the urology team, residents take part in the postoperative management of in-patients and in the operating room for larger cases and when on call.