• Welcome

    Thank you for your interest in our Occupational Medicine Residency Training Program at the University of Iowa. Occupational and environmental medicine includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries resulting from occupational and environmental exposures. We are a well-established program with a superb track record of board passage and resident job placement following training.

    We offer a broad range of clinical, industrial, government, and research training experiences. In addition to practical clinical training, residents also earn a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. Our program has been continuously accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) since 1987.

  • Why Iowa?

    Our first-rate training programs will expose you to the widest range of patients and learning situations. Our community will provide a high quality of living. And you'll find a salary and benefit package that competes favorably with accredited programs in an academic medical setting.

    Our Facilities
    UI Hospitals and Clinics and UI Children’s Hospital are part of the state’s only academic medical center and the region’s largest health care center.
    Our Rankings
    Several of our programs are rated among the nation's best for teaching, research and patient care.
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Few cities can match our opportunities for living, learning, and recreation.
    Our pay and care benefits make us a favorite choice among prospective residents.

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  • Why I Chose Iowa

    • Sophia Chiu

      Sophia Chiu, MD

      I chose Iowa because I felt extremely confident that I would receive the best training in this residency program. UIHC is known to be a world-class health care organization, and that level of dedication was evident in the faculty members and residents I met during my visit. The program has a rational curriculum and a good reputation among its graduates, so I was comfortable about leaving the East coast, where I've lived most of my life, to come to Iowa.

    • Jon-Fields-thumbnail

      Jon Fields, MD, MBA

      When I first came to Iowa City, I was impressed with the unique sense of community and family-friendly living in the setting of a world-class medical facility. The faculty struck me as being extremely down-to-earth and knowledgeable, and the program has an impressive track record of top-notch past graduates. There is no doubt the program is committed to excellence and providing a diverse and rich set of opportunities for residents.

    • Steven Rippentrop

      Steven Rippentrop, MD

      The University of Iowa has a great reputation in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The program has access to a wide variety of occupational settings, practical research opportunities, and a great faculty. The result is a high-quality program that is very flexible and interested in the success of its residents. I was confident in the education at Iowa with its stellar pass rate on the boards. In addition, recognizing I already had a MPH degree, the residency program has made it possible to pursue my interest in healthcare administration. All this makes it easy to see why I would choose Iowa.

    • Alina Walasek, MD

      I chose the program at the University of Iowa because of its excellent reputation, and its ability to provide me with a solid background in this field. I specifically appreciate the wide variety of rotations this program offers, as well as the opportunity to learn from top-notch faculty. I am currently taking courses toward my MPH. I am enjoying learning new perspectives on public health, particularly as applied to occupational medicine.