• Welcome!

    Matthew Howard, MD
    Matthew Howard, MD
    Chair, Depart. of Neurosurgery

    The overarching mission of our Department of Neurosurgery is to provide our residents the finest academic neurosurgery training experience possible. It is our goal to identify and train graduating medical students who have the greatest potential to be the future leaders of academic neurosurgery. We are committed to providing these select individuals the highest quality surgical and scientific training available anywhere.

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  • Resident Profiles

    • Brian Dalm

      Growing up I never thought I would call Iowa my home, but I couldn't be happier. I don't think I have ever worked with a patient population or hospital staff that are as friendly and welcoming than here at the University of Iowa. Our research experience is also second to none with 2 years of devoted research time, and active faculty involvement. For those devoted to academic neurosurgery few programs in the country prepare you as well as the University of Iowa.

    • Daniel Hansen

      Neurosurgery residency at the University of Iowa is challenging, but you will get no better training at any other program. The volume of cases and their variety is second to none. I am certain that by the time I graduate, I will be competent to operate independently and have the confidence to begin my practice. Combine that with world-class research training and you have a remarkable neurosurgery experience waiting for those fortunate to seek us out.

    • Raheel Ahmed

      The program offers an ideal combination of an excellent operative experience with protected time for independent research. Clinical autonomy by residents is heavily emphasized. Faculty support for your clinical and research interests is outstanding.

    • ‪Yasunori Nagahama

      I love the warm, friendly, and cooperative atmosphere of the team, dedicated to serving people in need of help. It is a great privilege for me to be able to work and be trained with the other highly motivated residents who not only strive for clinical excellence but share strong interests in quality research and pursuit of a career in academic neurosurgery.‬‬