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    Welcome to the University of Iowa Department of Emergency Medicine.  Our department enjoys full clinical status at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and full departmental status at the Carver College of Medicine. We appreciate your interest in our Emergency Medicine Residency program. We offer a fully accredited residency training program.  Through the Carver College of Medicine we also host several clerkships for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine.

    Our fundamental philosophy is to:

    • Train residents capable of functioning in austere medical environments with minimal back-up
    • Provide flexibility in training to meet individualized learning needs
    • Foster academic EM through scientific discovery, expertise in EM subspecialties, and peer-to-peer learning
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    • Stoltze, Andrew, tn

      Andrew Stoltze, MD

      Hometown: Des Moines, IA
      Undergraduate: University of Iowa
      Graduate: University of Iowa
      Medical School: University of Iowa

      "Iowa Emergency Medicine provided me the opportunity to learn to care for a diversity of patients and illnesses that is unparalleled in a city that provides a quality of life for me and my family like no other place I interviewed."

    • Austin Koch

      Austin Koch, MD

      Hometown: Shawnee, KS
      Undergraduate: Kansas State University
      Medical School: University of Kansas

      "I chose to do my residency at the University of Iowa because I felt that I connected strongly with the faculty and residents, the high patient volume, and the incredibly diverse pathology."

    • Brandon Whalen

      Brandon Whalen, MD

      Hometown: Ames, IA
      Undergraduate: Iowa State University
      Medical School:
      University of Iowa

      "To me, emergency medicine offered the allure of the most interesting 15 minutes of every other specialty."

    • Obr, Brooks, tn

      Brooks Obr, MD

      Hometown: Coralville, IA
      Undergraduate: University of Iowa
      Medical School: University of Iowa

      "I chose Emergency Medicine because I get to truly make a positive difference in people's lives when they need it the most."

    • Dave Baumgartner

      Dave Baumgartner, MD

      Hometown: Denver, CO
      Undergraduate: US Air Force Academy
      Graduate: University of Colorado - Denver
      Medical School: University of Colorado
      "After working numerous places in my life, I have come to discover that the most important aspect of any job or training is THE PEOPLE...the people you work with and the people you work for. On every level, UIHC has the best, most motivated attendings, collegial residents, hard-working nurses, and grateful patients. All of these make the training extremely thorough and enjoyable."

    • Fowlkes, Emilie TN

      Emilie Fowlkes, MD

      Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ
      Undergraduate: University of New Hampshire
      Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

      "As a medical student, working in the ED felt like putting on my favorite pair of jeans. It just fit. I'm happy to say that feeling has persisted over the last two years in the ED at the University of Iowa."

    • Jackie Kitchen

      Jackie Kitchen, MD

      Hometown: San Antonio, TX
      Undergraduate: Texas A&M University
      Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch

      "I love the fast pace and multitasking environment of emergency medicine, and the University of Iowa residency program has given me the tools and skills to not only perform at a high level, but to also truly enjoy my job."

    • Luke Lowry

      Luke Lowry, MD

      Hometown: Ames, IA
      Undergraduate: Iowa State University
      Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis

      "I love the challenge of efficiently diagnosing and managing a diverse population of critically ill patients. Just a typical day as an EM resident at the University of Iowa."

    • Mark Patnode

      Mark Patnode, MD

      Hometown: Princeton, MN
      Undergraduate: Northwestern College, St. Paul
      Medical School: University of Minnesota

      "I'm really glad I chose emergency medicine at the University of Iowa because it not only provides a great learning environment to develop the skills I need to practice in the community, but the program has also been tremendously flexible and supportive of pursuing my own educational interests as well."

    • Kravchuk, Olga, tn

      Olga Kravchuk, MD

      Hometown: Morristown, NJ
      Undergraduate: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
      Medical School: University of Iowa
      "Why Iowa EM? Iowa has the most cohesive, cordial group of people, fellow residents, nurses, and faculty, I could wish for! A high-volume ED with many challenging cases, faculty invested in teaching and resident development, and the opportunities offered by Iowa EM will help me become the best emergency physician I can be."

    • Akintayo, Wole, tn

      Oluwole Akintayo, MD

      Hometown: Calumet City, IL
      Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Chicago
      Medical School: University of Iowa

      "Medicine for me is about being able to adequately manage any complaint in any patient population at any given time. This is the opportunity that emergency medicine provides. I'm extremely satisfied knowing that my training will prepare me to manage patients across all ages, specialties, and environments. Also, the procedures we get to do make it even more awesome."

    • Rachel Mutnick

      Rachel Mutnick, DO

      Hometown: Coralville, IA
      Undergraduate: James Madison University
      Medical School: Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

      "I chose EM for the variety of patients and conditions that we see. The EM program at Iowa gives us great opportunities, including the AirCare program and rotations at a local community hospital, to see and manage as many different patients and conditions as possible."

    • Findlay, Shannon, tn

      Shannon Findlay, MD

      Hometown: Clinton, IA
      Undergraduate: Central College
      Medical School: University of Iowa

      "The reason I chose Iowa is simple; the people. I wanted to be in an environment where everyone was caring, hardworking, and supportive of your professional and personal goals. I knew here I could explore my interest in global medicine and learn the skills needed to be a well-trained Emergency Physician."

    • Tim Thomsen

      Tim Thomsen, MD

      Hometown: Mason City, IA
      Undergrad school: Wartburg College
      Medicial School: University of Iowa

      "At Iowa, the difference is the people - both fellow residents and staff. This place is rich with relationships that make learning our trade of EM much more enjoyable."

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