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    Thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Residency Program offered by the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

    Our three-year accredited program will provide you with exposure to a wide range of clinical problems of varied complexity as well as in-depth experience in primary care and continuity of care. You will receive broad experience in all aspects of human growth and development from conception through the neonatal period, infancy, childhood and adolescence. 

    University of Iowa Children's Hospital Opening December 2016

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  • Why Iowa?

    Children's Hospital View from Kinnick

    Our first-rate pediatric physician practice will expose you to the widest range of patients and learning situations. Our community will provide a high quality of living. And you'll find a salary and benefit package that competes favorably with accredited programs in an academic medical setting.

    Our Facilities
    UI Children's Hospital is the region's largest children's hospital.
    Our Graduates
    We're proud of the opportunities our residency graduates step into based on their preparation.
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Few cities can match our opportunities for living, learning, and recreation.
    Our pay and care benefits make us a favorite choice among prospective residents.

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  • Resident Profiles

    • Amy Stanford

      Dr. Amy Stanford

      We have wonderful faculty, staff, nurses, social workers, etc. who are all wonderful teachers and create an environment that I wanted to be a part of.

    • Baiba Steinbrekera

      Dr. Baiba Steinbrekera

      Iowa has a great residency program with an amazing NICU. After graduating from the University of Iowa Pediatric Residency Program, the opportunities to move forward in your medical career are endless. All doors are open.

    • Ben Dexter

      Dr. Ben Dexter

      I chose Iowa because of the people. Both residents and staff are fun to work with and support a positive learning environment.

    • Ben Landgraf

      Dr. Ben Landgraf

      I chose Iowa because their strong reputation of training leaders in pediatrics. I was impressed by the commitment to teaching and research while keeping a sincere interest in your overall growth and development as a person. It doesn't hurt that they're building a Children's Hospital that overlooks Kinnick Stadium!

    • Chad Dallon, MD

      Dr. Chad Dallon

      I love UIHC Pediatrics. Having done medical school here, I saw first hand how friendly and helpful everybody in the Pediatric department is. Education and patient care are important to everybody, and it shows.

    • Hua Sun

      Dr. Hua Sun

      I chose Iowa to build my medical career. University of Iowa Children's Hospital will provide me resources to meet my career development goals: being a pediatrician of the future who can provide integrated medical care, and being an academic pediatrician trying to take advantage of cutting edge research techniques and ideas to serve patients.

    • Jessica Zimmerman

      Dr. Jessica Zimmerman

      I chose Iowa because it offered all of the main things I wanted for residency. The program is a great size with friendly, supportive people and plenty of opportunities to experience general pediatrics, a wide range of subspecialties, research, and medical education. Iowa City is also a nice, safe place to live with a small town feel but plenty of recreational and cultural options along with a job my husband loves too.

    • John Callahan

      Dr. John Callahan

      The people at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital really stood out as caring and genuine individuals on my interview day. The people, education, location, and new children's hospital made Iowa an easy choice for me.

    • Kathryn Kaufman

      Dr. Kathryn Kaufman

      I chose Iowa for the breadth of subspecialties, for the depth of clinical experiences, and for the unlimited research opportunities. Most of all, though, I chose Iowa for the people and the opportunity to work with truly exceptional clinicians and excellent staff in all aspects of care.

    • Kathryn Shunk

      Dr. Kathryn Newby

      I chose Iowa for a new, change of pace lifestyle and because the residents and staff were incredible and friendly, they offer great benefits, housing is affordable, and also because the programs at UIHC are highly ranked and the learning experience is top notch!

    • Linh Hoang

      Dr. Linh Hoang

      I chose Iowa because of the residents! I felt most comfortable with the residents at Iowa and thought it would be the best personality fit for me. What put it over the top for me was Iowa's academic reputation and my sense of the program's commitment to resident education.

    • Natasha Madhoo

      Dr. Natasha Madhoo

      Having been a medical student here at Iowa, I already knew the Pediatric Residency program was very strong. The faculty are passionate about patient care and teaching, and I knew I would receive excellent training here.

    • Padget Smith

      Dr. Padget Smith

      After training here for medical school, I realized after interviewing all over the country, the attention and individualized learning I would receive here was superior to anywhere else in the nation. Iowans are the most hard-working, friendliest, and humble people - true of everyone at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.