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Balance Disorders Clinic

Using state-of-the-art assessment tools, our staff offers a comprehensive evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment approach for:

  • Dizziness¬†
  • Vertigo¬†
  • Unsteadiness walking
  • Dysequilibrium

This is a joint effort of the UI neurology and otolaryngology departments. The clinic's medical director is one of only a dozen neurologists in the United States who specialize in vertigo and other balance disorders.

Your physician will talk with you about your symptoms, past history, as well as give you a thorough neuro-otological physical exam. This evaluation includes a review of old medical records/films that you may have brought. The neuro-otologist will discuss with you and your family any tests that might be needed.

Frequently, a test called an ENG is required. This is a group of tests that evaluate:

  • Inner ear balance function
  • Brain balance centers
  • Body stability

You may also get a hearing test (audiogram).

Following the evaluations, you and your family and your health care team will review the results and develop a management plan.

Treatment of dizziness/balance disorders often includes:

  • Removing medications that impair balance function
  • Adding another medication
  • Vestibular (balance) exercises

If needed, patients are referred to a physical therapist who specializes in balance/dizziness disorders.

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