Burn Care

Burn Awareness and Prevention for Children Guide
Burn Awareness and Prevention techniques and recommendations for all ages.
Burn Glossary
Burn Awareness and Prevention techniques and recommendations for all ages.
Caring for Your Burn After Hospitalization
Your newly healed skin will require some special care and consideration when you return home.
Emotional Readjustment for Adults
Each person will cope with the stress of the injury and hospitalization in his or her own way. Dealing with the emotional stress involved in a burn injury is an important part of accepting and recovering from burn injury.
Emotional Readjustment for Children
Returning home can be a very exciting event after a child has been in the hospital for a long time. As a parent, you should remember, however, that there is going to be a time of readjustment, especially if your child has been in the hospital a long time.
First 48 Hours of Burn Care Treatment
The first 48 hours of care after a burn are crucial.
General Burn Prevention Tips and First Aid
Following some simple guidelines and taking care around fire can prevent most burns from ever happening.
Home Care Instructions for Burns
If a burn is minor, it can be treated at home. There are a few general instructions as well as some signs that you need more significant medical attention.
Intimacy After Burns
Returning to normalcy is hard enough after a burn, but returning to sexual activity is even more difficult to decide on.

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